On 2nd we work for:
Private homes
Rural tourism houses
Hotels and commercial establishments
Public administrations and facilities...

Our solutions in Renewable Energies include:

Biomass Heat Installations.

Systems with wood pellets, firewood, wood chips or agricultural by-products by:

  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Climatization of swimming pools
  • Centralized heating for neighborhood communities
  • Industrial processes

Solar Energy Installations:

  • Solar Solar to obtain heat: independently for ACS production or as support for other systems.
  • Photo Solar to obtain electricity: for self-consumption with grid connection or isolated for rural electrification ... Also with mini-wind support.

Geothermal installations. For heating, air conditioning and hot water production.

... analyzing the different energy needs, designing the most appropriate solution and carrying out in a comfortable, economical and efficient way.